The following guidelines describe the requirements for ready to upload themes and templates, it will help to ensure that your item will be approved. Failure to follow the guidelines will result in rejection or the need for re-submission after fixes are applied. Requirements for HTML5 templates: Item must use the latest stable release version of Bootstrap.
Item cannot use work-in-progress or release candidate versions.
Item must follow Bootstrap's conventions for fundamental HTML elements and use the grid system.
Item must use and restyle Bootstrap's components and JavaScript plugins.
Item should not implement custom components or JavaScript plugins that duplicate functionality provided by Bootstrap.
Item must not include pages based on Bootstrap's example templates without sufficient modification.
Files and directories must be treated as case-sensitive.
Item must store styles and scripts in files separate from the Bootstrap assets.
HTML must be valid HTML5 as determined by the W3C Markup Validation Service.
Item must be completely free of JavaScript errors. Markup, styles, and scripts must not be obfuscated or encrypted.
Item should make use of CSS pre-processors (LESS, SASS).
Item must not include third-party plugins and components without sufficient modification to their appearance.
Design must display high aesthetic quality, visual appeal, unique and should be attractive. Item cannot contain violent imagery, overly-sexualized imagery, nudity, racial slurs, hate speech, or otherwise inappropriate/offensive language.